If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask me - I will  answer you asap

  1. Are you really 19? - Jokes aside, I am really a 19 year old student.
  2. Since you're 19 - are you experienced? - Considering my age I am experienced, but I am always curious to discover something new
  3. Is it really you on the pictures? - It is really me - not "photoshoped". But believe me I look really better in real life.
  4. What is the most important for you? - Discretion, hygiene and good manners.
  5. Do you smoke and/or drink? - I don't smoke but I will never refuse an excellent glass of wine.
  6. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? - Simple answer: NO.
  7. How do I book you? - The first contact has to be via email. I am a very busy student so I apologize if I might not respond immediately.
  8. Why do you do this job? - I love the feeling of meeting somebody new and getting into an adventure.
  9. Gifts? - I don't expect any gifts but If you're asking: I love lingerie and bags of any kind. 
  10. Can we meet in private for no payment as well? - No, but this isn't possible. I love to spend my time with you together. I accompany  you as "your girlfriend" to any kind of event like opera, theatre, a party, to a dinner or wherevere else but always in exchange for remuneration.